Health and wellness brand sees 5x ROI from one-click upsells

A health and wellness brand used Zaymo to power one-click upsells to their subscription providers and raised one-time upsells 83%.

Jun 27, 2024

A user purchasing items with a single click from inside an email


A popular health & wellness brand sends upcoming order notifications to consumers who subscribe to recurring deliveries of products. They saw these notifications as a way to increase one-time upsells, but the Recharge quicklinks weren’t getting very far. Zaymo wanted to see if interactivity could make a difference. Spoiler… it did. An 83% difference.

Zaymo built an interactive portal that:

  1. Populates the items in the upcoming order

  2. Highlights related items that can be added with one click

This portal is now available to all Zaymo customers and integrates with just about every subscription provider on the market.


As always, Zaymo pushed for a fair test. The brand set up an A/B test to watch how Zaymo performed against the existing emails, and we let it run for about a month. In the name of rigorous testing, we A/B tested against an email stocked Recharge Quicklinks encouraging adding items to the order.


Not only did one-time add-ons soar, but email engagement rose as well. Compared to the static emails, the interactive emails did the following:

  • Click-through rate: -12%

  • Interaction rate: +12%

  • One-time add-ons: +83%

The attributed revenue associated with the one-time add-ons was 5x more than Zaymo’s total monthly price…. from a single email in the upcoming order flow. Wow.


The embedded customer portal caused a significant revenue bump, and many more subscribers were exposed to additional products on the merchant’s site. Plus, the merchant paid for Zaymo multiple times over. Not a bad deal at all.


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