Gains in Bulk uses Zaymo to lift upsells and decrease cancellations

Gains in Bulk used Zaymo’s Skio integration to both increase add-ons to subscription orders by 37% and decrease notification-related cancellations by 22%

Jul 8, 2024


Gains in Bulk has a successful subscription program for fans of its supplements. With a slew of supplements SKUs, Gains in Bulk has an enormous opportunity to expose fans of the brand to new products.

At the same time, any communication to subscribers often results in a spike in churn. You’ve been there before… Do I really want to remind everyone that they’re paying for me, or should I leave them alone?

Zaymo’s in-email portal made it easy to cross-sell related items to a subscriber while mitigating the cancellation impact of notifications. Gains in Bulk could choose which positive elements of the portal to show customers, and the team could leave the cancellation button on the site.


Gains in Bulk ran an A/B test, propping Zaymo’s interactive portal (with both upsells and subscription management tools) against the typical “manage subscription” CTA that redirects to the Skio portal.

Zaymo’s integrations with Skio and Klaviyo aggregated the data to compare results.


Compared to the static emails, the interactive emails did the following:

  • Engagement rate: +6%

  • Click-through rate: -39%

  • Cancelation rate: -22%

  • One-time upsell rate: +37%

*as usual, Zaymo's click rate is much lower than the control. While a low click rate is typically seen as a poor result by email marketers, Zaymo takes pride in it! When in-email interactions are possible, merchants can keep everyone far away from that pesky cancel button. Instead, consumers interact with the positive options given to them.


Gains in Bulk successfully communicated with subscribers while maintaining strong retention. Apparently you can have the best of both worlds: strong AOV & strong retention! It doesn’t hurt that customers felt special interacting within their email inbox for likely the first time in their lives.


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