MyMedic increases orders of post-purchase gift by 25%

My Medic consistently sees 25% more orders using an interactive product highlight block.

Apr 28, 2024


My Medic is a leader in the first aid space, providing high-quality equipment and training to thousands every month. They are also a leader in innovative email marketing. When My Medic saw what Zaymo could do with interactive product blocks, they instantly thought of the perfect use case.

My Medic used the product block in a major post-purchase email flow to highlight a popular video training course. Taking advantage of Zaymo's pre-applied discount codes and direct-to-checkout quick action made the offer even more compelling and frictionless. Zaymo's cross-inbox compatibility meant that ~90% of their customers were able to take advantage of these interactive features.


To ensure reliable results, we set up a randomized A/B test against a conventional, static email in Klaviyo and tracked every button click, image swipe, and purchase.


Over several months, the AB test saw the following results:

  • Interaction Rate up 45%

  • Placed Order Rate up 25%

*Interaction rate is calculated as anyone who interacted with the product block in the email or clicked through to the site.


The interactive product block was significantly more effective than the static version. Not only did customers engage with it more, but it was also able to drive more sales because of reduced friction.

The offer became much more compelling by changing the email to pre-apply the discount code, allowing for one-click checkout instead of asking the customer to copy and paste the code into their browser.

The team at My Medic was happy with the results and continues to use Zaymo in this and other email flows.


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